Cumulative Simulation Data (Updated Daily)

Bills Paid On-time

Total number of bills paid on time: 6,476,354

Paychecks, Taxes and Amount Saved

Total Number of bi-weekly paychecks distributed in all simulations: 2,503,212
Total Gross Income Received:
Total Amount Paid in Federal Taxes:
Total Amount Paid in State Taxes:
Total Amount Paid in Social Security Taxes:
Total Amount Paid in Medicare Taxes:
Total Amount received in Net Pay:

Total Amount Saved in 401k Contributions:

Total Amount of Fees in Simulations

Assuming students learn from mistakes encountered in the simulation, the total amount of money saved by students who participated in Budget Challenge is

Bounced Checks Teach Harsh Lessons

Bounced checks typically cost $39 (not including returned check fees). The number of bounced checks in our simulations is : 287,499