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Introducing Budget Challenge Video

Effective Teaching Method

Studies by the Jump$tart Coalition confirm the challenges of teaching personal finance with traditional methods, and highlight that "Real-life materials can best be taught in an interactive, real-time environment through simulations, games and research projects." (This is a MUST-READ, only 3 pages).

Real Time | Real Life

At Budget Challenge, we believe in 'Learning by Doing'. This is how most people learn how to manage money. The problem is this approach has become expensive and risky in the real world.
  • Bank fees are at an all-time high
  • Financial products are increasingly complicated and confusing
  • Damage to credit scores can take some time to undo
  • Bankruptcy doesn't provide the relief it once did
Real Time Simulation allows students to develop real money managing skills and habits IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT! When students make mistakes in the simulation they gain all of the learning without the fees and credit damage.

Meets State Requirements

Our integrated quizzing technology can be tailored to meet evolving state requirements.

Is your state adding new Personal Finance requirements?

Many states have adopted new curriculum requirements, but haven't provided specific standards or teaching resources. In the NCEE Survey of the States, Economics and Personal Finance standards and testing requirements are summarized for each state. Click on the link to see what is required in the state that you teach.

Engaging Competition

Compete in 2 Ways

Student vs. Class

Class vs. Class

Students individual scores are ranked on a leaderboard viewable by their class. The student with the highest score wins the competition along with bragging rights. Classes can elect to compete against other classes throughout the country. The class with the highest class average wins.

Competition engages students and makes learning fun!

Flexibly Integrates into Any Class

Are you concerned about the available resources and time commitment needed to teach Personal Finance?

If you answered Yes, you are not alone. In a recent Survey of Teachers , the top two concerns were "Classroom time" and "Classroom materials." Many teachers are not sure how to integrate more material into an already packed curriculum. Budget Challenge is a simulation that requires as little as one 30 minute sessions in class. This is possible because MOST of Budget Challenge is conducted OUTSIDE the classroom. It happens in real-time and integrates into the students's real life. Budget Challenge also provides it's own materials and AUTOMATICALLY performs student assessments - that's right, no grading!

Standards-Aligned Quizzes

Each simulation contains weekly quizzes that align with the National Standards in K-12 Personal Financed published by Jump$tart.  Areas of focus are:

  1. Financial Responsibility and Decision Making 
  2. Income and Careers 
  3. Planning and Money Management 
  4. Credit and Debt 
  5. Risk Management and Insurance 
  6. Saving and Investing

More on the Jump$tart National Standards 

Patented Technology

This simulation product is the first of its kind and you won't find it anywhere else.  It as been awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,444,418 and more is on the way.

Modern Personal Finance Tools

Students will gain hands-on experience with:
  • Electronic Bill-Pay
  • On-Line Banking
  • Direct Deposit
  • 401K
  • Electronic Statements
  • Email Customer Service
Where else can a student learn about these modern life skills?
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