After hearing about Budget Challenge, parents usually respond by saying "I wish I had that!" Parents are some of the biggest supporters of the program because they see the impact on their child's attitude and behavior towards money. Students that play Budget Challenge estimate that they will avoid over $80 in financial mistakes due to participating in the program. This is the best ROI in education and it directly benefits students and families.

PTA/PTO and District Support

Get your PTA/PTO involved in fundraising! Download our PTA/PTO support letter for ideas.

Replace a Textbook *New for Fall 2020*

Budget Challenge curriculum continues to grow every year, and starting in the fall of 2020, our curriculum will include a full 16 weeks of curriculum. This includes self-grading assessments and deep-dive activities. Budgets for multi-year textbooks can now be used for Budget Challenge, which means multi-year licensing options are available along with the multi-year discounts that one would expect.

Local or Regional Sponsorships

Ask your local insurance agent or credit union to step in the help foot the bill for Budget Challenge at your school. We can even include their logo on our website and downloadable certificates.

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Perkins Grants

Budget Challenge qualifies for funding in accordance with Section 135 of the Perkins III law. If you are an advisor of DECA, FBLA, BPA, FCCLA, or a teacher of vocational curriculum, we encourage you to consider applying for funding to pay for Budget Challenge under your district process. We guarantee it will be worth your efforts.

Fundraising Online

Fundraising online is a new and potentially very effective way to fund Budget Challenge. Both sites are very simple to use. also has corporate sponsors who often match individual donations which may make raising the funds for Budget Challenge even easier.

**NEW** The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has partnered with to provide $1,000 in funding to teachers at schools where the majority of students receive free or reduced lunch. They’ll receive an educational funding credit to equip their students with some of the tools they need to learn.

Federal Education Funds

Besides traditional line items in your school budget such as: curriculum materials and software/ technology license fees there are a number of federal grant programs that your school can use to pay for Budget Challenge.

Title I Part A Funds – Budget Challenge can be funded in schools that use Title I funds in school-wide programs that: 

(iii)(I) include strategies to address the needs of all children in the school, but particularly the needs of low-achieving children and those at risk of not meeting the State student academic achievement standards who are members of the target population of any program that is included in the school-wide program, which may include —

(bb) college and career awareness and preparation, such as college and career guidance, personal finance education, and innovative teaching methods, which may include applied learning and team-teaching strategies; 

Title IV - Budget Challenge can be funded under SEC. 4101: ‘‘The purpose of this sub-part is to improve students’ academic achievement by increasing the capacity of States, local educational agencies, schools, and local communities to— ‘‘(1) provide all students with access to a well-rounded education; ‘‘(2) improve school conditions for student learning; and ‘‘(3) improve the use of technology in order to improve the academic achievement and digital literacy of all students

Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) program grants can fund Budget Challenge under either Title I Part A or Title IV programming. 

Student Support and Academic Enrichment Program – Budget Challenge can be funded as part of classroom instruction as it meets criteria of helping to provide all students with access to a well-rounded education and improve the use of technology to improve the academic achievement and digital literacy for all students. 

21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant – Budget Challenge can be funded with this grant when used as part of an after-school or summer program in high priority or low-income schools.

Parent Letter

Download a parent explainer for your students to take home.

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PTA/PTO Letter

This handout includes forms for PTA/PTO sponsorship requests for individual or groups of teachers.

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Local Support

Use this take home form letter to promote support within your community. Includes fields to reference a project.

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