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Team Name Avg Score % Engaged Avg Engagement% Sim Date
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Rank: Class rank with the simulation based on Average Leaderboard Score

Team Name: Class name chosen by teacher

Avg Score: Average student leaderboard score

% Engaged: Percentage of students within class that are actively playing the game currently

Avg Engagement%: Average engagement of class for the duration of the simulation

Sim Date: Information updated as of this date.  Processing occurs nightly so scores will typically show yesterday's date.

More about Engagement Statistics:

Why are we calculating statistics on engagement? The answer is simple.  We believe that personal finance is best learned ‘by doing’ and, if you don’t play – you don’t learn.  So engagement measures are designed to show who is engaged and playing, and who isn't (which is actually more important than who is winning on the leaderboard).  There are three components of our engagement score that when combined, will create a Yes/No engagement score for each student on each day.

  • Logins – “Has the student logged in with the last 5 days?”  If ‘Yes’, then this value is =1
  • Late Pmt – “Has the student made all payments (no late fees) in the last 3 days?” If ‘Yes’, then this value is = 1
  • Quizzes – “Has the student taken all quizzes before they close?” If ‘Yes, then this value is = 1

Engagement score for a given student is = Yes (Engaged) when all engagement components for that day are = 1 (or yes). Conversely, if any of the engagement components are =0 , then the engagement score for the day is 0 (Not Engaged). Students’ average engagement for the simulation will also be calculated to give some perspective for the student’s activity throughout the competition.

  • For good results: Students should login 1-2 times per week, pay all of their bills, and take all of the quizzes/surveys.
  • % Engaged: This is simply the percentage of students within a class that are engaged on a particular Sim Date.