#1 More 'Money' conversations at home

"Before my son took the Budget Challenge we tried to discuss money, but it always felt like a one way conversation. Just two weeks into the simulation he started coming to us with questions—really good questions—and that made all the difference! Thank you for this wonderful experience!"

#2 Students know this is important

In exit surveys, 87% of students in high school say that ALL students should take Budget Challenge before they graduate.  Students value learning practical skills in:

  • Saving for retirement
  • Creating an emergency fund
  • Paying down debt
  • Paying bills on time
  • Managing credit cards and credit utilization


#3 Teaches students how to effectively build their credit score

Only in Budget Challenge can students practice the behaviors that build high credit scores.

#4 Avoid expensive mistakes in the future

We surveyed 51,647 students who completed Budget Challenge and asked: “Do you believe that this simulation experience has prevented future costly mistakes you would have made in the real world?”   84% answered "YES"

These same students were also asked: “If a typical mistake in the real world costs between $30 and $40, how much in future fees would you estimate you saved by taking Budget Challenge?”

  • $0 (zero mistakes avoided) = 7.1%
  • $30-$40 (about 1 mistake avoided) = 20.0%
  • $60-$80 (about 2 mistakes avoided) = 30.9%
  • $90-$120 (about 3 mistakes avoided) = 18.2%
  • Over $120 (4 or more mistakes avoided) = 22.7%


#5 Teaches students how to effectively manage credit cards

Only in Budget Challenge do students manage credit card charges and payments in real-time over 10 weeks. There is even a trophy students can earn for paying off their credit card.

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