#1 Stop the scavenger hunt for quality materials

Budget Challenge is the most complete and up-to-date program available. Everything you need is right here!

#2 Coaching is more fun than lecturing

As students learn-by-doing in the simulation, teachers find that they:

  • lecture less
  • have richer classroom discussions
  • have more fun teaching

#3 Parents will track you down to say "Thank you"

"Thank You! We have been trying to have conversations about money at home with our daughter, but they always felt like we were talking AT her. Now that she is taking Budget Challenge, she is approaching US with questions! This should be a requirement for every teen." 

#4 Get the best results with the best program

We surveyed over 100,000 students after completing Budget Challenge

  • 82.3% more able to avoid fees from vendors and banks
  • 88.1% more knowledgeable about how to write a check
  • 89.7% more likely to check account balances before writing checks
  • 83.3% more skilled at creating budgets
  • 84.6% more confident about managing money  

Learning-by-doing creates Learning That Lasts®

#5 The Help Desk has your back!

No matter what this world throws at you, it is good to know that our live Help Desk is here to support you whether in-person, hybrid or fully remote.

  • Assisting students with login issues and forgotten passwords
  • Answering questions about bills and payments
  • Responding 'in character' to facilitate issue resolution skills

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