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Our patented simulation produces real results.  If you are serious about getting student financially prepared, you have come to the right place.

2020 Program of the Year

Preventing costly rookie-mistakes in every state

Learning from mistakes is a great way to learn, especially in the safety of the classroom!

  1. Students learn to save for retirement by actually saving in a 401(k)
  2. Costly mistakes teach valuable lessons that will save students real money in the real world
  3. Paying bills over many weeks creates good financial habits

Students in every state practice saving for retirement and avoiding fees

Average session statistics show engaged students

Both the pages per session and minutes per session statistics are evidence of an extremely engaging experience.

Students now know what to expect!

“After the Budget Challenge simulation, I’ve become so much more aware of the consequences of managing your money wrong. Before the simulation, I had some knowledge in money management, but I never actually had a true understanding. Even though it was just a simulation, I was still stressed out at times about my financial situation. There were times I wasn’t always able to pay my bills, in full, at one time. I struggled with making payments on time because I sometimes had insufficient funds. I understand, now, that late fees and interest play a big part in the final sum you pay.”

“Before, I used to roll my eyes at my smart, money-conscious mother, who kept stressing the importance of this class, as she did not have this when she was my age. However, while participating in the challenge, I uncovered the many layers of banking and personal finance, and the long-term consequences of poor money management. Overall, I now share the same interest in money responsibility as her.”

“Before the budget challenge I was afraid of money and budgets because I did not know how to save and manage them. Paying bills had stressed me out and I wanted nothing to do with it. After the challenge I grew to kind of liking budgeting and keeping any eye on my money. Making sure that I was on top of my bills was hard in the beginning, but now it does not bother me so much because I am in control of my bills and money.”

Value to sponsors: millions of page views

Our website routinely has over 1 million page views in a single day.

Teachers are amazed!

“It was the most realistic experience I can imagine to give to students. For years I tried to simulate creating a budget and paying bills, but it was not nearly as effective and streamlined as this.”

“Students gain valuable knowledge and experience with the most common personal finance topics that they will use for a lifetime as well as the consequences of what can happen with poor budget planning.”

“Your simulation added interest and meaning to my course. One student told me, "I am so glad I took this class because we get to do Budget Challenge! It's awesome!"

“The Budget Challenge is a fantastic way to help my students understand money in the real-world. I enjoyed answering the questions the simulation provoked. Students at various ability levels were able to benefit from this program.”

Student Survey Data

We also ask students what they learned at the end of each simulation.  Here is what over tens of thousands of students said:

Student Results Spring 2016 (n=47,109)

Student Results Fall 2017 (n=44,481)

Teacher Survey Data

We also are committed to making our program continuously meet the needs of teachers in the classroom, so we ask for teacher feedback after each simulation.  Here is what thousands of teachers that played said: