Saturday, November 27, 2021

Why is Budget Challenge the best?

Our comprehensive award-winning program is unique in that students learn money management by actually managing the finances of an independent working young adult for ten weeks in real-time. Advanced teacher tools, self-scoring authentic assessments, high student engagement, and opportunities to engage parents, together, create financially capable young adults. On-demand training and live support for teachers AND students ensure successful and problem-free implementation

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See AND do the key features ONLY found in Budget Challenge in this series of short videos.  Educators can sign up for a free teacher account and experience the program for themselves and see how Budget Challenge creates Learning That Lasts ®

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Why is Budget Challenge so effective?

Budget Challenge teaches financial capability, not just knowledge. During our patented 10-week simulation, students are able to practice money management skills and receive real-time feedback that impacts their behaviors and attitudes.  They also apply concepts from Personal Finance, our included 17 chapter companion e-textbook, creating learning that lasts..

Budget Challenge overcomes traditional classroom limitations by utilizing hands-on learning, which is the backbone of CTE (career and technical education). This means that Budget Challenge focuses on learning-by-doing and teaches students how to be financially capable young adults. Read more about how Applied Financial Literacy Education takes learning about ALL aspects of financial literacy (Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors & Attitudes) to the next level.

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Teachers share their stories

  • Teacher Spotlight — Bill Nelson
    Posted last week
    Bill Nelson, a CTE Career Readiness Teacher and Consultant at the Van Buren Tech School located in Lawrence, MI shared with us the value Budget Challenge adds to his students' lives.
  • Teacher Spotlight — Jeanne White
    Posted 3 weeks ago
    Jeanne White shared her unique experience of teaching overseas at Kubasaki High School which is on Camp Foster a U.S. Marine base in Okinawa, a DODEA high school.
  • Teacher Spotlight — David Tonnis
    Posted 2 months ago
    Social Studies teacher, David Tonnis with St. Ursula Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio, has used Budget Challenge for over seven years. David has successfully guided his students through all of the updates and advancements made to Budget Challenge.
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We offer individual, volume, and multi-year licensing for Budget Challenge. PLUS Investing can be added to Budget Challenge licenses.  


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