New Jersey Financial Literacy Standards and Alignment with Budget Challenge
On March 25, 2021 in Standards Alignment by Tim Lambrecht
New Jersey has some of most rigorous financial literacy standards of any state requiring students to apply their knowledge. Budget Challenge meets every standard.

Texas Financial Literacy Standard and Alignment with Budget Challenge
On February 1, 2021 in Standards Alignment by Tim Lambrecht
Texas set a high bar for a financial literacy elective class. Guess what program exceeds it?

Deciphering new Covid-19 relief money for schools
On January 14, 2021 in CARES Act, Funding by Tim Lambrecht
At Budget Challenge we know that Covid-19 stressed already tight school budgets making it difficult for some schools to purchase our program. The good news is that help is on the way! The new $900 billion federal Covid-19 relief bill signed into law December 27 provided $54.3 billion in new federal funds for public K-12 schools and $2.75 billion for private schools. This is in addition to the previous CARES Act ESSER dollars. This received virtually no media coverage because so much attention was focused on the size of stimulus payments to individuals and whether the president would sign the bill into law.