Teacher Spotlight — David Tonnis
On September 23, 2021 in Teacher Spotlight by Tara Kirby
Social Studies teacher, David Tonnis with St. Ursula Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio, has used Budget Challenge for over seven years. David has successfully guided his students through all of the updates and advancements made to Budget Challenge.

Teacher Spotlight — Joe Schoenfeld
On August 3, 2021 in Teacher Spotlight by Tara Kirby
Elder High School teacher Joe Schoenfeld (Cincinnati, Ohio) gave us his insight into how Budget Challenge impacts his students and how Eagle Saving Bank Charitable Foundation has made it possible for his students to participate in Budget Challenge. “Budget Challenge brings a lot of life and energy to our class. Without a doubt, my favorite aspects of the Budget Challenge are the hands-on nature of the simulation and the competition. The students are actively engaged in the simulation and get great practice reading invoices, writing checks, creating a budget and making financial decisions.”

Teacher Spotlight — Patricia M. Page – PhD, MBA
On July 19, 2021 in Teacher Spotlight by Tara Kirby
Dr. Patricia Page who has her graduate degrees in Business Administration and Education, and a PhD specializing in Educational Technology, is an avid user of Budget Challenge. She is a teacher at East Greenwich High School in Rhode Island. Dr. Page has recently shared her perspective on Budget Challenge and financial literacy with us.

Teacher Spotlight — John Yoho
On May 13, 2021 in Teacher Spotlight by Tara Kirby
John Yoho a Career & Technology Education teacher and Virtual Learning Mentor at Brunswick High, in Frederick County, Maryland, is a long time user of Budget Challenge. For several years, thousands of students have had the opportunity to participate in the program thanks to the generosity of Jennifer Allen. Her company, J Allen and Associates CPA has provided full funding for all high schools in the entire Frederick County Public School District to participate in Budget Challenge. He recently shared the impact that the simulation has had on his students throughout the years. "I've been teaching personal finance for almost ten years and Budget Challenge is by far the best thing that I have found for navigating these topics and skills with students. I truly believe that Budget Challenge is having a huge impact on our students and will hopefully save them time, money, and potentially stressful situations moving into adulthood!"

Teacher Spotlight — David Edelman
On March 17, 2021 in Teacher Spotlight by Tara Kirby
David Edelman shared his vast Budget Challenge knowledge with us. He has been a Social Studies teacher and Peer Instructional Coach in NYC Public Schools for over a decade. David provides instructional coaching, mentoring and professional learning to colleagues, in addition to teaching Government & Economics classes. His classroom serves as a learning lab and demonstration classroom to foster inter and intra school collaboration. David teaches at Union Square Academy for Health Sciences (USA) a new, unscreened, public high school with a Career & Technical Education focus in NY, NY.

Teacher Spotlight — Kambri Harland
On March 3, 2021 in Teacher Spotlight by Tara Kirby
Kambri Harland, a Counselor and Financial Literacy Teacher, at Boise City High School in Boise City, OK shared her experience with us. This is my 8th year doing the Budget Challenge. This is by far one of the best tools out there to give students a true understanding of what "Life" is like when it comes to managing money and paying bills.

New Teacher Features: Customizable Curriculum and Quiz Tools
On February 8, 2021 in Distance Learning Tool, What's New by Tara Kirby
Teachers now have the ability to customize their classes' default curriculum and quiz schedule. By default, each simulation has units and their accompanying quizzes opening in a staggered fashion each week starting on Thursdays. To support as much flexibility as possible, all quizzes are open to take until the last day of the simulation.

Teacher Spotlight — Hilary Ruttenberg
Hilary Ruttenberg is an economics teacher at Horizon High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hilary took the time to share her recent experience implementing Budget Challenge in a blended classroom setting which includes online instruction and in person.

DonorsChoose Funding Teacher Spotlight — Carrie Rugenstein
On October 11, 2020 in DonorsChoose, Funding, Teacher Spotlight by Tara Kirby
We love sharing creative ways that teachers secure funding for Budget Challenge. Teachers who have earned the appropriate number of points with DonorsChoose can request a Special Project. Carrie Rugenstein, a math teacher at Lincoln High School in Owosso, MI recently shared how she was able to secure funding for Budget Challenge with the help of DonorsChoose and a community sponsor.

Teacher Spotlight — Mariellen Rechtin
Mariellen Rechtin who teaches in two Cincinnati homeschool high school co-ops, Divine Mercy Homeschool Coop and All Saints Studies Group, shared her expertise in implementing Budget Challenge in a unique setting.