Budget Challenge announces the Teacher Challenge!

Budget Challenge is a real-time on-line financial program used by over 750,000 students and over 10,000 teachers in all 50 states. Participants manage the budget of a working young adult, making important decisions and trying to accomplish key financial goals such as setting up an emergency fund, paying bills in full and on-time, maximizing an employer 401(k) match, and paying down debt. Budget Challenge has patented technology that sends simulated bills, reconciles payments and maintains account balances, making it the only program where students practice managing finance like adults. Competitive scoring, realistic game play and real-time multi-modal feedback makes the program engaging and highly effective. Budget Challenge not only teaches knowledge, but also essential financial skills and behaviors. It is typically used in Financial Literacy, Economics, Math, Life Skills, Technology and Business classes. Teachers can play the simulation themselves using the teacher play option in the teacher tools.

Dave Buten, CEO and Co-founder of Budget Challenge notes, "We have long recognized that the success of our program has been the result of our amazing teacher partners who skillfully implement the program with their students. As educators look for flexible tools that combine the best of classroom and online learning, we are excited to showcase Budget Challenge as a turn-key solution."

Budget Challenge was recently awarded the 2020 Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award for Education Product of the Year. Budget Challenge accepts no advertising, has no pop-ups and uses no student personally identifiable information. There is no cost to participate. The Teacher Challenge begins June 4th with a sign-up deadline of June 1st. For full details and sign-up go to: https://www.budgetchallenge.com/TeacherChallenge.aspx



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