Teacher Spotlight — Rhiannon Miller rewards her highest performers in a unique way

Rhiannon Miller is in her 17th year of teaching at South Park High School in South Park, Pennsylvania. For the last twelve years, she has taught a popular Money Management class to juniors and seniors. For the last four years, she has used Budget Challenge which has added a new dimension of realism to her class. “Budget Challenge resembles real life as closely as possible,” states Miller. “It prepares students for life in the “real” world as an adult.”

Miller’s students are always highly engaged in class but find that managing adult finances is not always easy. “My students find maintaining a healthy credit card balance the most difficult." Miller also provides extra motivation for her students. “At the end of the simulation, I provide the class winner with a $50 Amazon gift card.” Teaching the class is as rewarding for Miller as it is for her students. “It is fun to see my students overcome all the challenges of the simulation and earn the trophies.”