Teacher and Student Tips for Registration

We have created a few tips to help you navigate through the registration period.


  • Class registration codes become active 3 weeks prior to the simulation start date. At that time, students must create their accounts and complete vendor selections by 11:55 PM local time on the simulation start date. Teacher Play accounts also gain access to make vendor selections 3 weeks prior to the simulation start date.
  • Actively monitor your students registration by going to Teacher Home>Registration. Use the page to facilitate student registration.
  • Ensure students are completing the The Pre-Simulation Knowledge Assessment after Vendor Selections are made. Go to Teacher Home>Quiz Results to review your students results.


  • Make sure to finish Vendor Selections by 11:55 local time on the start date of the simulation.
  • Watch the Better Way to Budget video located at Student Home>Vendor Selections. Download the Cash Flow Spreadsheet (CFS) located at Student Home>Vendor Selections and fill it out as they are making their Vendor Selections.
  • Take the Pre Assessment Survey at Student Home>Written Test (this survey closes at sim start).
  • Read through the trophy details at Student Home>Road Test and remember to budget for payments that are required to earn the trophies by the trophy deadline.