Teacher Challenge Winner's Circle (Final drawings to take place on August 3rd)

If you see your name on the list and haven't claimed your prize please reach out to us at support@budgetchallenge.freshdesk.com. This does not exclude winners from the money raffles at the end of the Teacher Challenge. Our final and grand prize raffles will take place on August 3rd.

Grand Prize Raffle Winners:

Hugh Daniels-$1000

Meghan Lynn-$500

Karin Bauer-$250 

Lori Terry-$250

Kaelyn Stieg-$250 

Congratulations to our current weekly raffle winners!

Donna Sadowski - Week of 6/8

Kendra Ruesler - Week of 6/15

Nathan Keel - Week of 6/15

Kyla Foltz - Week of 6/30 

John Yoho - Week of 6/30

Randy Wilson - Week of 7/13

Lynda Burke - Week of 7/13

Emily Phillips - Week of 7/20

Lori Manship - Week of 7/20

Tracey Colbert - Week of 7/27

Jacob Granstaff - Week of 7/27