Teacher Spotlight — Rhiannon Miller rewards her highest performers in a unique way
On April 5, 2024 in Teacher Spotlight by Robbie Kaminski
Rhiannon Miller, a teacher in South Park, Pennsylvania, has used Budget Challenge for the past four years. Read how she rewards her highest performing students.

Teacher Spotlight — Accounting Teacher Laura Abel
On April 4, 2024 in Teacher Spotlight by Robbie Kaminski
Laura Abel, an accounting teacher in Kingwood, TX, has taught Budget Challenge in her classroom since 2015. We reached out to her to gain insight into how Budget Challenge is used to teach Personal Finance in her class. Here’s what she had to say.

Feature Updates: Easier access to managing quizzes
On February 20, 2024 in What's New by Robbie Kaminski
We've made a few updates to Teacher Home to make managing quizzes even easier.

"Win or lose, when the Challenge ends, these students are empowered," says Personal Finance Teacher Betsy Nilsen
We reached out to a longtime Budget Challenge user, Betsy Nilsen, to get her thoughts on using Budget Challenge to teach Personal Finance at Cape Elizabeth High School.

What's New for this school year? Use your emergency fund for emergencies! Plus more...
On September 8, 2023 in What's New by Robbie Kaminski
At Budget Challenge, we pride ourselves on listening to teacher and student feedback and improving our program each year. This year is no different, so here's a quick overview of what we have in store for the 2023-24 school year.

Business Teacher Cindy Quaid — "Allow students to make errors so that they can learn"
On March 23, 2023 in Teacher Spotlight by Robbie Kaminski
Cindy Quaid is the Business & Technology Department Chair and the Future Business Leaders of America Adviser at Santa Maria High School in Santa Maria CA. This is her 30th year teaching at her high school alma mater. She is a long-time user of Budget Challenge.

NEW: Have your students register now for spring classes! Here's How
On November 17, 2022 in What's New by Robbie Kaminski
Over the past few years, we have added significantly more curriculum content and flexibility for our teachers. One of the most significant areas of feedback we receive is extending Budget Challenge to fill a semester. Since we published the textbook, we've decided to allow our schedule to be expandable so that teachers can cover all of the content.

Announcing a new engagement meter on Student Home!
On September 28, 2022 in What's New by Robbie Kaminski
The Budget Challenge Engagement Score is a valuable measure of a student’s positive participation in the simulation. Students now can easily see their engagement on their Student Homepage immediately upon login.

Credit unions know that effective financial education makes $ense! David Dawson and Lynn McCoy share their journey
On September 16, 2022 in Sponsor Spotlight, Teacher Spotlight by Tara Kirby
Credit unions have a mission to serve their community's financial needs. Schools have a mission to create financially capable young adults. As First Area Credit Union begins its fourth year of Budget Challenge sponsorship, COO Lynn McCoy and Swan Valley Michigan High School teacher David Dawson share how they are transforming lives through their joint efforts. Read about it in this week's blog post.

Under the Hood with Dave Buten, Co-Founder and Co-CEO: The Thinking Behind the Trophies
On August 30, 2022 in Under the Hood by Tara Kirby
In this “Under the Hood” post, we will look at the trophies and the design thinking behind them. Before Budget Challenge had trophies, we sometimes received feedback indicating that students and teachers were uncertain about what to focus on or prioritize. While this might be a common sentiment in the adult world of personal finance, it was a clear sign that there was an opportunity to improve the simulation. The question was how best to focus on the essential personal finance behaviors in the simulation. As it sometimes is in life, one needs to zoom out first to improve focus.