New Teacher Features: Customizable Curriculum and Quiz Tools

Teachers now have the ability to customize their classes' default curriculum and quiz schedule. By default, each simulation has units and their accompanying quizzes opening in a staggered fashion each week starting on Thursdays. To support as much flexibility as possible, all quizzes are open to take until the last day of the simulation.

Now, teachers can customize the schedule further by rearranging weeks, changing open and close dates, or by disabling a quiz for a given Unit. The only quizzes that cannot be disabled are the pre-sim and post-sim assessments and the final survey.

We've also included chapters from our new e-textbook. These chapters can be added as additional units when clicking the "Add Unit" button after selecting your class. For now, these chapters do not include quizzes and are available as PDF downloads to students on Student Home and Student Home > Curriculum and teachers at Teacher Home > Curriculum.

To edit the schedule, click the Edit icon next to your class from the Teacher Dashboard or the Create a Class page. Then, scroll down the edit class page and click the “Edit Curriculum/Quiz Schedule”. Select the edit icon next to the quiz you’d like to update and change the open or close date, or if you’d like to turn off the quiz, uncheck “include quiz” and click save. Quiz dates can open as early as 3 weeks prior to the simulation start date and close dates can be no later than the simulation end date.

If you’d like to remove a curriculum unit from the schedule entirely, simply click the delete icon next to that unit in the schedule list, and confirm that you’d like to delete it. You can always add it back later using the “Add Unit or Quiz” form underneath the class dropdown list. From there, you can view the unit introduction, quiz answer key and the default open and close dates for the quiz before adding it to the schedule.

In addition to this new functionality, we’ve also added the ability for teachers to reset quizzes for students if they need to retake a quiz. This can be found when viewing the quiz results for a particular student. To reset a quiz, go to Teacher Home > Quiz Results. Select a class and select “view results” for a quiz or student. If the student has taken the quiz, there will be a button to “Reset Quiz” next to that student. Click this button to delete the student’s previous quiz results. Please note, that if you would like the student to retake the quiz, the quiz will still need to be open to be available to retake.

All changes are saved immediately, and students will see the changes reflected on their student dashboard as soon as changes are made.