What's New in 2022-2023

2022-2023 Budget Challenge is better than ever! We have updated our award-winning simulation and textbook and added new teaching tools and resources. Budget Challenge is the only program that teaches all 127 of the CEE/Jump$tart National Standards for Personal Financial Education. Our program is the most realistic and relevant available. And it is the only one that instills financial capability by letting students manage all the finances of an independent young adult in real-time for ten weeks while they attempt to accomplish important financial goals most adults struggle with. 

What's New in the Simulation?

  • Salary increased to reflect the national average of entry-level jobs requiring post-high school education.
  • Bank and credit union checking account options that reflect the industry move towards a monthly maintenance fee.
  • The credit card limit increased to $1500.
  • Increased monthly credit card charges based on actual spending patterns and inflation.
  • Emergency Fund Trophy Goal increased to $750.
  • New teaching tools for completing the vendor selection process.
  • New unexpected events 
  • Purchase that uses an ATM withdrawal
  • Simplified messaging and website navigation.
  • A more streamlined approach for completing goals in +Investing

Curriculum Improvements

  • Comprehensive companion textbook updated with the latest data and improved readability.
  • Complete Teachers Guide is available online with grading, pacing, and differentiated instruction sections.
  • Real-World Activities and Guided Reading Activities for each of the 17 Chapters.
  • An expanded video library for students and teachers

The best is better than ever! Check it out by registering today!