Playing remotely during your sim? Here's 3 things to check daily

Budget Challenge is doing its best to help assist our teachers during this new and unknown teaching environment. While it may seem overwhelming transitioning to distance learning, you really only need to spend a few minutes a day keeping up with the simulation. To help maximize the learning experience, here are top three items to keep an eye on for both teachers and students.


  1. Look out for Trophy Goal deadlines by going to Teacher Home and clicking on View Schedule on your class. Send a quick email to students letting them know what goals are approaching.
  2. Monitor your class’s engagement. Go to Teacher Home>Engagement and select the course name. You will then be able to select a specific student for detailed engagement information. Make sure that your students aren’t making late payments are still actively logging in.
  3. Keep track of your students’ quiz results. Quiz results are available as soon as that quiz is open, even if the simulation hasn’t started yet. Click on each quiz’s title to view the question/answer key for a particular quiz. Review your students’ completed quizzes and results by going to Teacher Home>Quiz Results.


  1. Check your bank account balance. Did you get paid this week? Have your pending checks cleared? You can regularly monitor your bank account, including past and pending transactions by going to Student Home>Bank and scrolling down for review.
  2. Review outstanding invoices. Routinely review outstanding invoices to avoid late payments by clicking on Student Home Dashboard>Outstanding Invoices. Make sure you have a pending check scheduled to go to each outstanding invoice by the due date. Double check the amount of the pending check to make sure you won’t get a late fee for paying too little.
  3. Review Trophy Goal Deadlines. Review Trophy Goal criteria, progress, and closing date by going to Student Home and clicking “View Details” on the Road Test section. Most goals require you to schedule a pending check ahead of the deadline or set your 401(k) contribution percentage several days before your next paycheck. The Emergency fund goal requires you to transfer at least $500 to savings before the deadline. This transfer is instant and can be performed on the deadline date!